Interactive Candle Card

Blowing out birthday candles can be stressful! You’re put on the spot to think of a wish while everyone is staring at you. And then you are expected to blow out all of your candles in a single breath in order for this rushed wish to come true. What if you had too many candles??? What if you didn’t like your spur of the moment wish???

This interactive candle card takes the stress out of making a birthday wish. By pulling out the yellow tab (and pushing it back in again), you can make unlimited birthday wishes! Who could ask for a better birthday gift? After all, Aladdin only got three wishes from his magic lamp!

To make this project, I created a large window pocket (Blue Jean cardstock) on the front of the card. The pull tab (Bumblebee cardstock) slides back and forth through an opening on the side of the pocket. The candles and text pieces (White and Seaglass cardstocks) were then adhered on top of the window pocket.

To make the candles, I rolled up strips of paper from the Dragon Tails Collection, and adhered a piece of twine in the center. To attach them to the card, I used a hot glue gun so they would be sure to stay in place.

For the finishing details, I wrapped twine around the spine of the card, and tied coordinating strips of Sea Serpent Stripes cardstock. Finally, I added Glitter Sprinkles to the card for a little touch of magic.

Interactive Candle Card by Curt R. Jensen

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4 Replies to “Interactive Candle Card”

  • Wow I love the concept of this card! How can I see it in action? Do you do tutorials? YouTube channel? Thanks for sharing and I’m super excited for your blog. I know it’s gonna be jam packed full of ideas and inspiration 😀

    • Thanks a lot DeNel! I can’t help but sing the theme song to the kid’s cartoon, Dragon Tales every time work with this paper collection.


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