DIY Haunted Mansion Party Decor & Favors

This week one of my favorite Disneyland attractions is turning 50.

You can join in with the 999 Happy Haunts by creating your own Haunted Mansion party decor with the Over the Hill cartridge I created for Cricut.

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Back in 2012, when I was an in-house artist for Cricut, I was asked to create an Over the Hill party cartridge. My inspiration for this grim cartridge came from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas and Disney’s Haunted Mansion attraction! So, it is only fitting to throw an Over the Hill party to kick off the Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary!

Most of the “wrought iron” elements in this cartridge feature an oval opening on them, making it easy for you to personalize your party with the skull & crossbones, RIP, or one of the number icons. For my Haunted Mansion Anniversary banner I used both the number 50 and the skull & crossbones icons. As for the paper, I used black and purple textured cardstock to mimic the attraction’s iconic haunted wallpaper!

As I was designing this cartridge, I envisioned using the tombstones, urn, and cake icons as placecards. Each of these icons will stand up once they are inserted in the slit on top of the 3D plinth boxes. AND, as an added bonus, the plinths can be filled with candy to double as a party favor.

There are two belly bands included with the Over the Hill cartridge; one with an oval for customizing and one without. The belly bands can be used to wrap around the invitations on the cartridge, or they can be used as drink or napkin wraps.

Above are all of the images I cut in Cricut Design Space. If you are already logged in to Cricut Design Space, you can access my project by clicking here. If you are going to set this up yourself, you will need to scale the skull & crossbones and number 50 icons to each piece they will be placed on. You will also need to create your own eyeballs to go inside the skull and crossbones (I added them in to help the skull resemble the spooky eyeballs adorning the Haunted Mansion wallpaper). I also “sliced” apart the wrought iron banner and belly band to add a few decorative white marble accents on the finished projects. Please note: You will use the pieces that drops out of the center of these sliced images after they have been cut. They are meant to nest inside the finished black “wrought iron” belly band and pennant layers.


To make my projects look like they came right out of a mausoleum, I printed a stock photo of a marble slab right on top of my textured cardstock. I did this on both my white and purple papers. I purchased my marble paper patterns from Creative Market for only $3, but I have also seen some great stock photos on free stock photography sites like

Digital Marble Paper Pack

Digital marble paper pack by Maishop on

Marble Background

Free stock photo from Henry & Co. on

Happy Anniversary, Haunted Mansion! I love that your immersive and transporting experiences was one of the very last endeavors that Walt himself worked on before he died. So for me, it represents a final connection to his creative spirit. Maybe that’s why you have always been one of my favorite attractions at Disneyland. Your Nightmare Before Christmas makeover always tempts me to “hurry back” each fall. I look forward to visiting you again and again over the next 50 years and one day joining you as your 1000th Happy Haunt!

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Did you DIY a party using the Over the Hill Cricut cartridge?

Whether your party was for the Haunted Mansion’s 50th Anniversary, a Nightmare Before Christmas movie screening, an Over the Hill celebration, or a Halloween party, I would love to see how it all turned out. Please tag me (@curtrjensen) on Instagram or comment below with a link to your blog post.


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