Free Printable Mermaid BINGO

This Printable is FREE with the purchase of The Lost Mermaid or can be purchased on my new website for only $3.99.

The PDF includes 12 different BINGO cards, 2 sets of dice for calling the game, and 4 sets of tags to tie on your mermaid-themed BINGO prizes.

No Jensen Family Party would be complete without a custom designed BINGO game! You think I am kidding? I’m really not! For instance, back in January, we played Snow White BINGO for Caroline’s birthday. Last month we played Chick-fil-A BINGO for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday. And next month we will be breaking out the BINGO game that started it all: a DIY Halloween BINGO kid’s activity and game I designed/prototyped for Target about five years ago!

The unique thing about this BINGO game is that it features the illustrations from my daughter’s book, The Lost Mermaid! Half of the BINGO boards have the title character Merlea swimming across the top, and the other half have Merlea’s new BFF, Cooper Kooples.

How do you play BINGO with dice???

One die is for calling the letters, and the other die is for calling the icons. After a player rolls both dice, they call out the letter and icon that are facing up; ie. “B, Jellyfish” or “G, Sand Dollar.” Since there are six icons on the “icon die” and there are only five rows in each letter column, not every player is going to have a match every time.

The fun part comes when your “letter die” lands on “WILD!” If a player rolls a “WILD,” you can cover the called icon in ANY letter column on your BINGO board.

If a player rolls a letter and icon combination that has already been called, no worries. Just pass the dice to the next player.

Take turns rolling the dice!

We have found that the whole family stays engaged in the game when we take turns rolling the dice. Whoever rolled the dice, gets to “call” the letter and icon, and then passes the dice along to the person on their left!

BINGO Prizes

Let’s be honest . . . we all love playing BINGO because there are prizes to be won! I’ve got you covered with The Lost Mermaid prize tags. Included in the PDF are three sets of tags you can tie to your mermaid themed BINGO prizes, and one set that is blank so you can customize them with a person’s name or the title of another punny prize!

FREE Mermaid Tags featuring illustrations by Mary Ann Jensen

Fish & Chips

For Mary Ann’s party, we tied together a tube of Lays Potato Chips with a bag of Swedish Fish! It was so much fun watching everyone’s face when we told them they could win “Fish & Chips!” The joke was not lost on even the youngest party guest!

Lip Gloss & Tail Polish

We lucked out at Dollar Tree by finding lip gloss that came in a clam shell, but any lip gloss and finger nail polish would work for this great BINGO prize.

Bubble Bath Bomb

This is another one of the lucky Dollar Tree finds. We found bath bombs shaped like mermaid tails! All of the girls absolutely loved them! But, even if you can’t find mermaid bath bombs, any bath bomb would work with this tag.

Ready to dive in and start playing?
Here’s what you’ll need:


  • The Lost Mermaid BINGO pdf
  • White cardstock
    My favorite papers to use on printables are: Epson Premium Presentation Paper, Matte and Canon Photo Paper Plus, Matte.
  • Paper trimmer
  • Adhesive
  • Snacks (for covering the icons on the board) – We used Goldfish crackers to tie into the under-the-sea theme! You could also use Smarties or M&Ms.

BINGO Prizes

  • Snack sized bags or tubes of potato chips – Salt & Vinegar Flavored chips tie in nicely with this punny prize!
  • Small bags of Swedish Fish, Goldfish Crackers, or other fishy treat.
  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Bath bombs
  • Cellophane bags
  • Paper hole punch
  • Mermaid colored paper shred
  • Variety of mermaid colored ribbons

Did you play this game with your family???

My daughter would love to see photos of you and your kids playing her game! I can already hear her squeals! Please tag my daughter (@BooksByMaryAnn) on Instagram or comment below with a link to your blog post so I can show her your photos!


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