Mermaid Thank You Postcards

Let your party guests know that they MERMAID your day with these Fill-in-the-Blank Thank You Postcards! Available now in my Etsy Store!

For the Jensen family, the party doesn’t end the minute our guests walk out the door! After the wrappings have been thrown out and the birthday girl has had a chance to play with all of her new toys, we start working with her on writing thank you cards! One of the ways we help, is by making themed thank you cards with fun journaling prompts!

If you’ve had the chance to read Mary Ann’s original book, The Lost Mermaid, you already know she has acquired my love of PUNS!!! Seriously . . . this girl has an af-FIN-ity for creative under-the-sea word play! With this in mind, I made sure to include several prompts on these fill-in-the-blank postcards for “mermaid adjectives” and “mermaid puns!”

On the front of the postcard, I included a large blank seashell-shaped space for Mary Ann to draw a picture of each FIN-tastic gift she received! The front also features one of Mary Ann’s original drawings from her book, The Lost Mermaid.

Take photos of party guests with their gifts

Birthday parties can get a little chaotic! Unless you take copious notes, some party guests and/or gifts can be easily overlooked when it comes time to write thank you notes! This tip may seem super simple, but it has really helped us document who was at the party AND what they gave our kids. PLUS, it is a great addition for Mary Ann’s birthday scrapbooks!

We have the birthday girl’s friends sit next her as she is opening her presents! After her gift is open, we snap a photo of them together with the gift she received! Later when it is time to write thank you cards, we hand our Mary Ann the phone so she can swipe through all of the photos!

What you’ll need:

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Writing 10-20 thank you cards can be intimidating for anyone!!! These Mad-Lib style thank you cards are both fun to write and fast to fill out! PLUS, grandparents and friends will love receiving a hand written note that was sent via SEA-Snail Mail!

Will you be sending postcards via SEA-Snail Mail???

Mary Ann would love to see photos of you and/or your kids with her postcards! It could be an action shot of you drawing on them or putting them in the post box! Please tag me (@curtrjensen) on Instagram or comment below with a link to your blog post so I can share it with her.

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