Free Disney World Vacation Countdown Chain

Countdown to your next Walt Disney World Vacation with this FREE printable MagicBand paper chain! This countdown chain also features a MagicBand Touch Point topper to get your family ready for all of the magical memories you’re about unlock!

One of the most magical parts about vacationing at Walt Disney World is wearing your MagicBand!!! Trust me . . . we’ve been home from our trip for a week now, and I am not ready to take my MagicBand off.

If you’re unfamiliar with Disney MagicBands, they are your secure all-in-one device that literally does everything for you while you’re at Walt Disney World. They act as your FastPass+ and theme park admission tickets, they link photos to your PhotoPass, and unlock the door to your hotel room (if you are staying at a Walt Disney Resort hotel). You can also use your MagicBand to purchase food using your Disney Dining Plan points. Plus, it’s linked to your credit card, so you can wirelessly make purchases around the Walt Disney World Resort. They’re truly magical, and fun for both kids and parents!

Half the fun of going on vacation, in my opinion, is the anticipation leading up to the trip. That’s why I love making countdown chains! I especially love watching my girls’ excitement grow as we get closer and closer to our vacation!

My printable countdown chain features a MagicBand Entry Touch Point as a paper chain topper! This topper has a lot of meaning for me. With each link that is removed from your paper chain, you’re closer and closer to entering the magic of Walt Disney World. And once you arrive in Orlando, you’ll scan your real MagicBand at one of these Touch Points to enter the Walt Disney World theme parks and attractions!

Another fun feature of this paper chain is that your kids can wear their “MagicBand” each day after they have removed it from the countdown.

Parenting Tip: Customize your paper chain colors to avoid arguments!

As we were planning our vacation, we selected a different color Magic Band for each person to help us identify whose was whose in the hotel room each morning: YELLOW for me, RED for my wife, PINK for Mary Ann, and BLUE for Caroline!

In a similar fashion, I variegated the colors for our countdown chain using the colors of our MagicBands to prevent the arguments that always arise with paper chains!

“Today’s my day to take one off!”
“No, you did it yesterday!”
“No, I didn’t. You did!!!”

We set the rule that each person could only remove a link in our countdown chain that matched the color of their MagicBand! And guess what . . . this simple color trick worked like MAGIC! Pun intended!!!

What’s include in the downloadable PDF?

The FREE PDF features the colors of my family’s MagicBands: Pink, Blue, Red and Yellow. If you would like to customize the colors of this countdown chain to match your family’s MagicBands or your home decor, visit my Etsy store.

The PDF contains 60 numbered MagicBands paper chain links, and four blank MagicBands that can be used for crafting and scrapbooking. Why did I go all the way to 60? Because if you’re staying at a Disney Resort, you can make your FastPass+ selections 60 days prior to check-in! That’s when you really start to feel the Disney magic and you don’t want that magic to get lost!

I have also included a set of Touch Point toppers in both Gold and Silver, so you can select the color that best matches your home decor. I am giving you two of each color: one to countdown from 60-31 and the second to countdown from 30-1.

And, if you’re feeling super fancy, which of course I was when I designed this, I even included an optional backside print for your MagicBands.

Are you ready to start counting down?
Here’s what you’ll need:

  • MagicBand Countdown Chain PDF – Select an option below
  • Scissors
  • Adhesive or Stapler
  • White Cardstock – My favorite paper to use are for double-sided prints is:
    Epson Premium Presentation Paper, Double-sided Matte

Share the Magic!

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