Free High School Musical Candy Tags

These printable tags are perfect for cast gifts, stage door care packages, or High School Musical party favors.

To celebrate today’s launch of Disney+ AND the premiere of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, we took the girls to visit the real East High School! To make this 20 minute pilgrimage from our home extra special, we also packed along the girls’ official Disney High School Musical East High School Doll House/Playset!!!

Both girls have been obsessed with High School Musical for years! (We like to say it is because we were watching it at the hospital, while Elizabeth was in labor, on the day Mary Ann was born!) They were absolutely thrilled to play with their Troy Bolton and Gabriella dolls in the same spot that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens sang their favorite song: “What time is it? Summer time! It’s a vacation!”

Below are a few photos of us with our High School Musical themed treats. We have everything from SweetTarts adorning an “It’s the TART of something new!” tag to Wild Berry Skittles featuring “Go WILD Cats.” Plus our favorite Sharpay and Ryan duet, “POP to the top!”

High School Musical Cast Gift Ideas

We had a fun brainstorming session in the candy aisle, as we came up with over 30 candy and treat ideas for these printable High School Musical tags. After a sneak-peek of the first episode of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, we just HAD to add a tag for the featured song in the first episode: “I think I kinda U-NO!”

One fun fact: the original HSM movies took place in Albequerque, New Mexico and they were the East High Wildcats. The real East High School, in Salt Lake City, Utah is the home of the Leopards. The first episode straightens out some of these funny misconceptions. With that in mind, we included both “East HI Wildcats” and “East HI Leopards” tags for you.

Are you ready to dress-up some musical snacks?
Here’s what you’ll need:

Paper & Misc. Supplies

  • High School Musical Candy Tags PDF
  • White Cardstock – I used: Epson Double-Sided Premium Presentation Paper, Matte
  • Scissors or Paper Trimmer
  • Paper Hole Punch
  • Variety of ribbon, tulle and twine.

Candy Bars & Treats

  • We’re ALMOND this together:
    Almond Joy, Almond Roca, Almond M&Ms, Almond Snickers, or Hershey’s with Almonds
  • POP to the top:
    Pop Tarts, Pop Rocks, Tootsie Pop, Blow Pop, Push Pop, or Soda Pop
  • We’re BREAKin’ free:
    Ice Breakers, Reese’s Fast Break, or Jaw Breakers
  • STICK to the status quo:
    Chick-O-Stick, Reese’s Sticks, or Old-Fashioned Stick Candy
  • Go WILD cats!
    Wild Berry Skittles, Wild Cherry Nerds, or Wild Cherry Lifesavers
  • East HI Wildcats or East HI Leopards:
    Hi-Chew or Hi-C juice box
  • Getcha HEAD in the game:
    CherryHead, AppleHead, LemonHead, GrapeHead, HotHead, or Air Heads
  • I finally found what I’ve been LOOKin’ for:
    LOOK! candy bar
  • It’s the TART of something new:
    SweetTarts, Tart n’ Tinys,
    or Pop-Tarts
  • I think I kinda U-NO:
    U-No Bar

The FREE Printable PDF includes 11 candy & treat tags, 1 to/from tag, and 1 Wild Cat pattern that can be printed on the backside of your tags.

We’re all in this together!!!

I would love to see how you used these tags. Please tag me (@curtrjensen) on Instagram or comment below with a link to your blog post.


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