Free “Making It” Inspired Peacock Favor Box

Tonight is the premiere of the second season of NBC’s craft competition, “Making It.” We are so excited! Episodes will be airing nightly December 2-5 and 9-11. To help you get settled in for this crafty two-week competition, I am sharing with you an NBC inspired Party Peacock Favor Box. It’s the perfect size for holding your favorite TV binge treats, plus the coloring book style makes it perfect for entertaining your kids.

Peacock Favor Box inspired by NBC's craft competition, Making It

Season 1 of NBC’s “Making It” was fun to watch together as a family. We cheered on our virtual crafting BFF, Amber Kemp-Gerstel who made it all the way to the finale! And, we loved getting to know the other crafty contestants along the way.

After having discussions and brainstorming sessions as a family about what we would have made for each challenge, I have been inspired to play along with this season’s contestants. After each episode, I will be posting a sketch on my Instagram account of what I would have created. To kick things off, I am sharing a printable version of my “Secret Beast” . . . inspired by from last season’s first Faster Craft challenge!

Peacock Favor Box inspired by NBC's craft competition, Making It

My “secret beast” is definitely a Peacock! Peacocks have always been one of my favorite animals. They are noticeably the only animal at the zoo that is NOT stuck in a box . . . AND male peacocks are bright, colorful, and strutting their stuff for all to see! As a crafty kid, I really struggled trying to fit within the traditional “masculine box.” It wasn’t until I started working in the craft industry 10+ years ago that I felt had finally found my “flock!” You all have welcomed me in and given me the confidence open my tail feathers and show off my colors to the world!

For my Faster Craft inspired printable, I designed a coloring page printable that can be personalized by your entire family! One page features the Party Peacock, and the second page has a handful of craft puns for your finished “Secret Beast” to hold. I also included two blank name plates so you can have your Party Peacock hold your name or your favorite craft pun.

If your kids are into watching “Making It” with you, they will have a blast pretending they are on the show making their own “Faster Craft” for Simon Doonan and Dayna Isom Johnson. And instead of a rewarding them with a patch, you can fill their finished favor boxes with Sour PATCH Kids, or a favorite treat. Happy crafting!

Are you ready to “Make It?”
Here’s what you’ll need:

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Show off your tail feathers!!!

Will you be using these Printable Party Peacocks as party favors or a NBC “Making It” viewing party craft? Please tag me (@curtrjensen) on Instagram or leave a comment with a link to your blog below!


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