Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder

Still looking for that perfect present! Why not shift your focus from the present . . . to the presentation. Instead of a card or generic store-bought gift card holder, your friends and family will be delighted to find their gift card nestled underneath this paper Christmas tree!
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Our kids have a new favorite show this holiday season. It is a gift wrapping competition called, Wrap Battle. This show goes WAY beyond brown paper packages tied up with strings! Each challenge pushes the professional gift wrappers to literally think “outside the box,” and create unique and festive present coverings.

Watching Wrap Battle inspired me to create a gift card holder unlike any I had seen before! The top of this Christmas Tree can be removed to reveal your gift card nestled inside the tree trunk!

The bottom of this printable Christmas Tree actually folds up, inside the tree to create a ledge for the tree trunk base to sit on. There’s a clever slit in the top of the trunk (and an opening through the bottom of the tree) that is the perfect size for a gift card in any amount.

To add just a bit more festive flair, I added glitter glue to make the tree sparkle, just like the receiver’s eyes when they see this gift! If you don’t have time to purchase a gift card, it also fits cash. Just fold it up and tuck it into the tree trunk.

Feeling festive?
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Merry Christmas to All!!!

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