Printable Sacrament Meeting Program

Are you a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? Do you want help organizing your home-administered Sacrament Meeting? Make this Sunday extra special with a fill-in-the-blank Sacrament Meeting program.

Printable Sacrament Meeting Program from

Our family always does so much better with a written schedule. Whether it’s a checklist for chores, meal plans for the week, what to practice for lessons, or my favorite, my “Honey-do” list. With this in mind, we decided that a fill-in-the-blank Sacrament Meeting program would be helpful for those of us who will be worshipping in our homes. 

The front features the Salt Lake Temple I illustrated for my daughter’s baptism, and the backside includes both Sacrament prayers. NOTE: You will need your Bishop’s authorization before you participate in a home-administered sacrament service.

On the inside, there are prompts for writing the date, the hymns, and the prayers. And on the left side, we have replaced the “Upcoming Calendar Events” with a place to record your family’s goals for the upcoming week!

May you and your families stay safe and well . . . and remember, just as the hymn says, “Home can be a Heaven on Earth!”

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With all worship services worldwide being temporarily suspended, our Bishop authorized all families within our ward boundaries to participate in a home-administered sacrament service this Sunday, and each Sunday going forward until we return to our normal routine of church services. The only exception to this is Sunday, April 5, when we observe General Conference and do not partake of the sacrament on conference Sunday.

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