Six FREE Printable Fan Art Characters

I asked my Instagram and Facebook followers to suggest characters for me to draw for the Six Fan Arts challenge. I will be turning six of their suggestions into coloring book printable boxes, and sharing them with you in this post. I hope you and your families enjoy “playing along” at home with each of these FREE printables.

Six Arts Challenge by Curt R. Jensen


This printable is now available on my new website:

My daughter, Caroline suggested I draw Pikachu! Between watching the new Detective Pikachu movie, playing Pokémon GO in the house and during our neighborhood walks, and designing her own Pokémon cards, it is safe to say that Caroline has single handedly dubbed Pikachu as our family’s quarantine mascot!


The White Rabbit was suggested by Laura Evangeline since it is “Bunny Week.” I have always been a fan of Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, and was excited to receive this suggestion!

White Rabbit Fan Art by Curt R. Jensen
Free Printable White Rabbit from


Ephemoire suggested that I draw the King of Quarantine . . . Mr. Joe Exotic, aka the Tiger King! According to TMZ, over 34 million people have welcomed Joe Exotic into their homes . . . and now you can welcome him in to your craft room, too! Hopefully making this favor box will involve a lot less murder, mayhem, and madness!!!
#ISawATiger #HereKittyKitty

Tiger King Fan Art by Curt R. Jensen
Free Printable Tiger King from


Check back in a few days to find out who the next printable character is! Until then, I am still open for suggestions. Leave a comment below for who you would like to see made into a printable box!

Happy Crafting!

Show off your newly crafted friend! Tag me @curtrjensen on social media, and use the following hashtags: #CurtRJensen #SixFanArts
I look forward to seeing your finished crafts.


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